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Novel Phishing Trick Uses Weird Links to Bypass Spam Filters

A novel form of phishing takes advantage of a disparity between how browsers and email inboxes read web domains. Researchers have identified a never-before-seen method for sneaking malicious links into email inboxes. The clever trick takes advantage of a key difference in how email inboxes and browsers read…

Keenan Technologies to discontinue residential support

When the Covid-19 first hit and we were put into a quick “14-days to stop the spread”, Keenan Technologies looked for ways to help our clients work more efficiently, while still remaining out of the office. We worked with many people to help them navigate a completely online…

Log4J Vulnerability Explained | Defendify

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Mac vs. Windows: Which Should You Buy? [November 2020] (

Why is Cloud Storage a good idea? |

It seems like everything is on “the cloud” these days, but what exactly does that mean? And why should you care?